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Ahead of his eagerly awaited EP that’s hallmarked for a 2019 release, the Malaysia based 16-year old singer/songwriter teases fans with yet another heartbreak pop production – with a twist.

Moving away from the personal romantic escapades of debut single ‘Fine’, the new track weaves a story of a marriage on the brinks of itself, with husband and wife in conflict over repetitive fights and, dare we say, Louis Vuitton purchases.

In what at first seems like a heavy premise of a song, the up-and-comer succinctly bowties the single in cream vocals and polished productions that it never strays into too dark a territory.

’useless’ peppers acapella-like hooks and gleaming synth productions in its silhouette, with RUFUS’ naturally upbeat vocal intonations lifting the track away from any heaviness of its story.

Bleeding between genres in what can suitably be classified as a cocktail of a Troye Sivan debut bop coupled with the vocal emotiveness reminiscent of Singapore’s soul-maestro Charlie Lim, we have an inkling the ‘rookie’ label might not stick around long for RUFUS. 

Already amassing fans and industry friends in North America and Canada, and at just 16, big things definitely await our little songwriter.Check out the lyric video to RUFUS’s new single ‘useless’ here. His tracks are available on all major streaming services.