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Many pontificate about the lack of intimacy in the age of social media and technology, but JAIE and NYK on “Daylight” prove there is still potential for incredible intimacy and vulnerability, even if only for one night. Over a soft, pulsing electronic chord progression, JAIE offers her companion a form of escape in momentary companionship, “all the way through the night,” until they are faced with another day. “Daylight” offers that languid, lazy feeling of lying in bed with the one you love, beams of light filtering through your window blinds.

JAIE and NYK’s flawless harmonies are literal honey to the ears, voices soothing and supple over an idyllic instrumental about the labyrinth-like droll of the everyday, and the possible promise of one night as momentary reprieve from the pains of existence. JAIE, in her first verse laments about being unable to find anything worth meaning in the everyday life, feeling “stuck” in the “game” of life. She finds herself making the same mistakes, but still yearns for someone to stay with her through the night. That intimacy we all so desire is plainly asked in a beautiful way–saying, hey, life is shit, but can we pretend it isn’t until tomorrow?

In NYK’s verse, he points out the fact that he isn’t a fool–instead of life being the game, like JAIE posits, NYK insists that they are part of it, and that his partner is leading him on, but he’s okay with it. Because again–the insistence of mortality, of just one night, is a stronger pull than the eventual rejection at the end of the line.

JAIE and NYK are both outstanding musicians in their own right, and transcend the idea of the typical “bedroom pop artist.” Rather, ‘Daylight’ offers a peek into their artistic potential, and begs the question for these two: what’s next?

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